Individual Therapy

Therapy offers an opportunity to feel properly heard and to be able to think about and work through any issues at your own pace, without feeling judged or misunderstood. The ultimate aim is to help you accept the things you can't change and find the strength to change the things you can.

We all experience thoughts, feelings and emotions in a completely individual way and our reaction and behaviour to different life experiences is unique and very personal to each of us. Sometimes it may feel that no-one else understands what is happening to you or you may find it difficult to share your thoughts and feelings honestly for fear of how others may react. 

Individual Therapy

Counselling and Psychotherapy is offered via Zoom or by telephone. All you need is a computer /laptop/tablet or mobile with video and sound. 


Adults (18+)

Older Adults



Private Insurance Referrals



Initial consultation session                        

Sessional rate (50 minutes)                      


Discounts available for:

Emergency Services Personnel

Counselling Students